Send a handwritten letter to someone

Personalized snail mail, specifically handwritten letters, are becoming more and more rare.

Nowadays, even greeting cards are often filled with pre-written messages and a simple signature.

Instead of lamenting our increasingly digital world, why not use this to your advantage? Writing a handwritten letter will now make the recipient feel like a million bucks!

Send a handwritten letter to someone who could use some encouragement.

Write a list of things you appreciate about them. Or share some positive thoughts with them. Even share a joke with them to make them laugh.

Think outside the letter as well. You can also include small, flat items without increasing postage costs: stickers, bookmarks, photos, etc.

Don’t forget the envelope! As long as the addresses are clear, you can add some doodles to the back of the envelope to bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

Here are some fun things you can include in your snail mail:

  • A poem (original or someone elses’s!)
  • An encouraging quote
  • A favorite scripture verse
  • A drawing or doodle. Even if you’re not that great of an illustrator, your creativity will be appreciated!

Did you write a letter? Do you have other ideas for making it unique and memorable? Please share in the comments!

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