Throw a party to paint uplifting messages on rocks, then place them around town

Looking for a way to rock your neighborhood with kindness?

Here’s a great way to spread love and kindness to your neighbors: throw a party with a few friends to paint inspiring and kind messages on rocks. Then, have everyone take home their rocks and place them around their neighborhood for people to see.

Not only will you encourage others, but you’ll spend quality time with friends doing something for others, and creating miniature works of art! You could even make these a regular gathering, and switch up the theme each month: encouraging notes, handwritten letters, kindness rocks, etc.

Kindness rocks ideas

There’s a whole community of people sharing ideas for these “kindness rocks” on Pinterest and other social media. Use the hashtag #kindnessrocks to find inspiration. And check out our Pinterest board full of great kindness rock ideas.

Here are a few of our favorite kindness rock sayings and messages (we’re partial to puns):

  • It never rains forever
  • You’re here for a reason
  • You got this
  • Be a little boulder
  • Bee happy

Keep it simple with messages plainly written, or get creative and jazz it up with drawings, flourishes, and other elements.

There are a ton of variations you could also try:

Did you try any of these? Do you have other ideas for spreading anonymous messages of kindness? Please share in the comments!

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