Leave a bag of popcorn taped to a Redbox kiosk

Have you ever rented a movie from a Redbox kiosk?

You’ve probably seen those bright red machines at the entrances of local grocery stores or gas stations. You may have even used them countless times.

But even if you don’t use them yourself, here’s a fun idea to do an random act of kindness for an unsuspecting movie renter:

Tape a bag of microwave popcorn to a Redbox kiosk, along with an encouraging note.

Pro tip: Use a plastic sandwich bag to hold the popcorn and your note, and tape it right to the front of the kiosk. You can use one of our Love Just Because printable cards and write a handwritten note on the back!

It might seem like such a small and trivial thing to do. But who knows, your small act of kindness might just make someone’s day!

Feel free to adjust/adapt using your own creativity and style. Have fun with this and make it a memorable find for the recipient.

Here’s a few variations you can try:

  • Add a dollar or two to cover the cost of the rental
  • Slip a dollar or two into the case when you return a Redbox movie (via @SoccerPhreak)
  • Leave a box of movie theater candy instead of popcorn
  • Include an uplifting or encouraging drawing to make someone smile

Did you try any of these? Do you have other ideas for hooking someone up on movie night? Please share in the comments!

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