Start a prayer campaign using a unique hashtag

Harness the power of community by starting a prayer campaign.

A few years back, my husband and I, along with our church family, received devastating news. We learned that Terry, a friend who was very smart, and had an enormous heart for others, had an inoperable cancerous brain tumor, and was given only months to live.

Over the months that followed, it was challenging to find ways to show love and support. My heart for him was to show him how many people cared and were rallying around him in love and prayer.

So I started a simple prayer campaign. I called it “P4T” which stood for Praying 4 Terry. I encouraged those around him, and our entire church community, to take photos, share digital messages of prayer and encouragement, and tag it all with #p4t.

This way, Terry was able to see messages from people who were surrounding him with encouragement and love. We also held a prayer service at his home. My friend and I crocheted him a blanket to keep him warm. When Halloween came, we carved pumpkins with the hashtag #P4T.

Know someone going through a hard time? Whatever the hardship is, organizing a digital prayer and support chain is a way that you can show love and support.

Start a prayer campaign using a unique hashtag.

That way, you can search for that hashtag and see all of the messages, prayers, photos, etc. You never know how big it could spread, and what a difference it could make.

Here are some variations on this idea:

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