Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru lane

Drive-thru dining is not glamorous, but sometimes it’s a necessity.

We’ve all been there. You’re running late, running errands, or traveling and need a quick edible pick-me-up. Whether it’s caffeine or calories, you can’t beat the convenience of fast food drive-thrus. Or maybe it’s a weekly or daily ritual to get your morning breakfast or coffee on the way to work. Long lines add to the stress of getting to where you’re trying to go.

You’ve probably heard of “paying it forward”, recently highlighted by Starbucks‘ #givegood campaign. The idea is to do a good deed in paying for the person behind you, in hopes that they will pay it forward to someone else, and karma will reward you as well.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, we are taking it a step forward. We’re encouraging people to pay it backward, without thought for what they will get out of it, or whether or not the person receiving the paid-for order will pass it on. We’d love to see kindness passed on, but we don’t expect it as we share acts of love just because.

Ready to try it?

An easy way to unexpectedly brighten someone’s day is to pay for the car behind you in line at the drive-thru!

When you pay for your meal, tell the cashier you’d like to buy the meal behind you as well. Then, when the next car pulls up to the window, they’ll be told they’re all paid for!

We even created printable cards you can leave at the drive-thru window, and ask the cashier to give to the person behind you. Feel free to write a handwritten note of encouragement on the back. Download the printable Love Just Because cards.

Did you try it? Do you have other ideas for surprising people with acts of love just because? Please share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Pay it Backward

  1. A great idea I’ve done is to put $5 and a note of encouragement in the tube of the bank drive-thru for the next person in line.

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