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Ready to join the movement and start spreading acts of love and kindness? Here are a few ways to get get involved:

Try out one of our ideas

Looking for a place to get started? We’ve collected a ton of great ideas that you can try right away. Some require advance planning, but others can be done immediately. Some will cost a little bit of money, but many are free and just take a little time and thoughtfulness! A great idea to get started is Pay It Backward, a twist on paying it forward.

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Share your ideas

Do you have an idea for a simple and surprising way to show love to someone? We’d love to hear it! Many of our ideas are inspired by others who are spreading acts of random kindness and love. Who knows, we may even add your idea to our website.

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Join the conversation on social media

We’re building a community of like-minded people who want to inspire others to acts of love just because. Join the conversation, share ideas and stories, and help us spread the word as this movement of love grows! You’ll get inspired and encouraged to follow along as the movement spreads.

Share your story

Love Just Because is a community of people just like you! We’d love to hear (and share!) your stories of loving people in big and small ways, and the impact those actions had. You can share on social media using the hashtag #lovejustbecause. You can also send us your story via the link below.

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