Give away your birthday and fundraise for a cause

As a kid, birthdays are all about the wish list.

We spend hours and hours pouring over catalogs, store flyers, drooling over commercials, and researching toys online. As an adult, things change. Now we can afford to buy more of the things we want, or at least pick and choose.

Instead of letting your birthday be another occasion where you accumulate stuff, why not give your birthday away?

Use your birthday as an opportunity to fundraise for a cause you are passionate about.

Many non-profits have services that let you do exactly that, and even Facebook lets you create fundraisers. Choose something that you are passionate about, such as rescue animals or clean water for third world countries.

Let people know that in lieu of gifts, you’re collecting donations toward a cause. Choose a goal amount that is a little ambitious, but not completely unreasonable. Then start sharing on social media!

Here are a few variations on this idea:

  • Instead of Christmas gifts, ask people to donate to a cause or non-profit you love
  • Donate to a friend or family’s fundraiser. Even a small amount makes a difference!
  • Find someone to offer a match on all donations up to a certain amount, which will double your impact

Have you ever done a birthday fundraiser? Do you have other ideas for supporting causes and non-profits? Please share in the comments!

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