Crash Black Friday by offering refreshments to people in line

Black Friday seems to bring out the worst in people.

Every year, there are news stories of people injured (or even killed) in the madness of Black Friday shopping. Stop and think for a second how ridiculous that is. Is saving a few dollars on stuff you probably don’t need anyways worth hurting others for?

Some people do it for the thrill, the adrenaline rush. Maybe some people just like standing in line for hours outside in the cold. But in a culture that is becoming increasingly consumerist and misguided in values, Black Friday is becoming a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving.

Here’s a radical idea: instead of joining the masses in their pursuit of mindless consumerism, or fighting for your share of the sales, why not use this day to show unexpected kindness and love to those who don’t deserve it?

Crash a Black Friday line and hand out hot cocoa, coffee, or bottled water. Offer people granola bars and ask them how they are doing. Strike up conversations and listen to their stories.

Every single person is worthy of dignity, kindness and love. Every person is a walking miracle. And who knows? Your small, surprising act of love might lead to a change in perspective and priorities.

Don’t want to wait for Black Friday? Here’s some other ideas:

Did you try it? Do you have other ideas for surprising people with acts of love just because? Please share in the comments!

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