Bring cookies and hot cocoa to your local sledding hill

Love it or hate it, snow season is around the corner.

Here in the Northeast, snow is a yearly reality. Sure, it’s cold, and makes traveling difficult, but without snow there’d be no snowshoeing, sledding, skiing, making snowmen or snow angels, etc.

If you plan on suiting up in long underwear and warm socks to hit the sledding hills with family or friends, why not make it a snow day to remember?

Walking up and down those hills is a real calorie-burner, and the cold and the wind can creep into your bones.

Organize a group of people to bring cookies and hot cocoa to share with fellow sledders.

You’ll be sure to warm some hearts, and some cheeks, noses and hands too! A simple act of kindness, like offering cookies and a warm drink to a stranger, can mean the world to someone. Who knows, you might even make a new friend.

Don’t live in a snowy climate? No problem!

Did you try it? Do you have other ideas for warming hearts? Please share in the comments!

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