Create uplifting chalk art messages on the sidewalk

Remember drawing with chalk and making chalk art on the sidewalk as a kid?

If you’re like me, you practiced writing your name in cursive, and drawing self-portraits of you and your family. You worked so hard on your beautiful artistic creations, only to have them washed away in the rain a few days later.

There’s something uniquely beautiful about temporary forms of art. Whether sand castles or chalk art, unexpected works of art in public places are a welcome and refreshing thing to discover. Like a melting snowflake under a microscope, they must be experienced in the moment, and leave a lasting impression.

Here’s a simple, easy way to use sidewalk chalk to bring beauty to a neighbor’s day:

Create uplifting chalk art messages on the sidewalk. Be colorful and have fun!

Get a set of sidewalk chalk with a ton of colors (like this one on Amazon). If you’re artistic, go wild and draw anything you can imagine. Work in uplifting messages like “You matter” and “Have an awesome day!”

Don’t think you’re artistic or creative? Push yourself, and see what you can come up with. Look up some inspiration online, or just write simple text messages in chalk to encourage people as they pass by.

You could even invite a friend or two over to join you, and collaborate on amazing and creative chalk messages. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon or summer evening!

Here are a few more variations on this idea:

Did you try it? Do you have other ideas for sharing encouraging messages in unexpected ways? Please share in the comments!

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