Give a mom a bonus Mother's Day, complete with chocolate, flowers and a card

It’s no secret that moms never get to clock out.

Every day, it’s a nonstop whirlwind of wiping noses, feeding mouths, and giving hugs and kisses. Diapers give way to band-aids on boo-boos. Bus stops and homework gives way to curfews and driving permits.

And yes, it’s wonderful that we set aside a day every year to celebrate moms, grandmothers, and mother figures in our lives. But what about the rest of the year?

Want a thoughtful, surprising way to thank your mom (or any mom!) for all they give of themselves day in and day out?

Give a mom a bonus Mother’s Day, complete with chocolate, flowers, and a card.

They’ll never see it coming, but they’ll feel all kinds of special inside. A little appreciation and encouragement goes a long way.

Maybe this will inspire more ideas:

Did you try it? Do you have other ideas for appreciating moms by showing love just because? Please share in the comments!

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